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HEMPEL’S ANTI-SLIP PEARLS 69070 é uma mistura de partículas de polietileno linear de baixa densidade.

Uso recomendado:

Para obter uma superfície antideslizante com qualquer tipo de pintura sobre o convés ou superfícies similares.


HEMPEL’S ANTI-SLIP PEARLS 69070 is a mixture of particles of linear low density polyethylene.

For areas such as decks, where you need an anti-slip finish, MultiCoat, Brilliant and PolyGloss – with the addition of Anti-Slip Pearls – will give an anti-slip surface that allows colour matching and co-ordinating with other glossed areas.

Anti-Slip Pearls can be added to any top coat to give an anti-slip finish where required.
Recommended mix ratio: 50g/750ml 

Recommended use:
To obtain an anti-slip finish in any kind of paint over decks or similar surfaces.