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HEMPEL’S DIAMOND VARNISH 05140 é um verniz de poliuretano de dois componentes, transparente, resistente ao amarelecimento. Proporciona um acabamento espelhado durável, resistente à intempérie.

Uso recomendado:

Acima da linha de água, em interior ou exterior, sobre teca, contraplacado ou outras madeiras que não trabalhem muito.


HEMPEL'S DIAMOND VARNISH 05140 is a clear non-yellowing two-component polyurethane varnish.
It gives a durable, mirror like finish, resistant to weathering.

A two component polyurethane varnish. Use inside and outside above the waterline. Use where a hard, extremely durable and long lasting finish is required. Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals, for the ultimate finish in durability and beauty. For professional use only.

For Diamond Varnish spray application and tool cleaning use Hempel's Thinner 851 (No 6).

Recommended use:
Above the waterline, interior and exterior, on teak, plywood and other wood which does not "work" too